Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is my room – STAY OUT!

I Said, This is my room – STAY OUT!
Anyone who has had teenagers in the house or has been a teenager themselves have either used or heard those words being used.  It’s a symbol really of I want my privacy, I want my space, I want a part of my life or all of my life to be separate from _______________ fill in the blank (could be siblings or parents, etc.).
Why does this happen?  It could be that they are hiding something, it could be that they are embarrassed about something, it could be they just don’t want to share their things or space with the others in their household.  They are willing to share the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom (sometimes)J, so why not their own room?  Somehow all of us as humans have a desire for privacy that is built in, and it’s definitely not all bad.  There are some things we just keep to ourselves, whether it is feelings, or stuff; emotions or money; pictures or possessions, you name it.
How about God?  Where does He fit in with all of this?  Whether you are a young person or old person or somewhere in the middle, does God have complete access to your life?  Are there things that you refuse to share with Him, talk about with Him, and unload to Him?  He will not force His way into your room, but you will never be truly happy, completely satisfied, fully forgiven, set free from the worries, cares, and burdens of this life if you refuse to let Him in to every single detail of your life.  Remember, He knows what you’re going through already so why not let Him help you through it.
How about it, are you ready to open the door and let God into your room, 100% completely and fully?
1 Peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. NLT

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