Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home Additions

I’m working on a building
Those words may not mean anything to you, but every time I see or hear those words a song pops into my mind.  It’s more than just a song sung by the Oak Ridge Boys, (I know those of you non-Southern Gospel fans are rolling your eyes) it is memories.  You see our firstborn son Cade was very little and was having all kinds of stomach problems and constantly crying. One day while he was screaming his head off, we put him in the swing and put on the Oak Ridge Boys and the first song on that album was…… you guessed it – “I’m working on a building”.   He fell asleep almost instantly and the rest is history.
From that moment on when he was restless, upset, hurting or just bedtime, out came the kiddies’ songs and in went the Oak Ridge Boys.  That song is a constant reminder to me that my love for him goes beyond the times I’m proud of him and the times when he and I are having lots of fun together.  My love for him is timeless and unconditional, regardless of the circumstances and situation.
As I prepared this sermon (Home Additions) I thought about all the preparation we are currently making for bringing our new boy home in less than a month, but no matter how much we prepare physically we must begin by preparing our hearts.  My love must pattern God’s love for me and God doesn’t stop loving me even when I’m being a knot-head and yes it does happen.  The fact is that He is faithful when we are faithless and He never stops loving us and waiting for us to come to our senses.
This Sunday we spoke of loving a child, training a child, and releasing a child.  The final two are completely dependent upon the first one.  Take the time this week and re-read 1 Co. 13 and replace the word love with God because after all according to Scripture God is love.  It goes like this, God is patient, God is kind, etc. have you seen God's love in your life, are you living in His love, and are you patterning it to your Home Additions (your children)?
May God bless you as you continue or start on this incredibly difficult yet rewarding task of parenthood.

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