Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Did you see God today?

Did you see God today?
I did; I saw Him at 6:30 when Carter’s crying or should I say wailing woke me up; I saw Him in the shower while I was praying; I saw Him in the mirror (after all I am created in His image); I saw Him in my anxiety over things I can’t control; I saw Him during prayer time as Stewart and I prayed for the people at TSCC; I saw Him during a counseling session with someone who is almost as broken as I am J; I saw Him in the flowers that I bought my wife for “Happy Tax Returns are here Day”.

I saw Him in the man sitting on the side of the road with his car broken down; I saw Him as my wife and I dealt with disciplinary issues for one of our children; I saw Him as I talked to a young lady about being baptized, and her very nervous dad who is doing the baptizing; I saw Him as I poured my heart out to a friend who very patiently put up with my weaknesses; and I see Him in you.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”.  I do not believe that this is a futuristic promise of; somehow if we are pure enough we will see God someday.  I believe that He is saying that when you and I have pure hearts we will see God every day, in every circumstance, and in every person we meet. 

Sometimes we have to look very hard to see Him and if we allow our physical self to take control we will not be able to see God, but again isn’t that what purity is all about?  Not about you and I being perfect but about us being washed again and again by the purity of a relationship with God.

I see God every day, sometimes I recognize Him right away; sometimes I flat out ignore Him; sometimes He tests me; sometimes He affirms me; sometimes He blesses me with things; and sometimes He blesses me with trials that strengthen me in the long run.
I saw God today, did you?