Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Surpassing Beauty of a Woman - Prov. 31

A Story of two women
I met the first one many years ago.  She was kind and gentle and was crying the first time I met her or at least that’s what I’ve been told.  But apparently those tears were tears of joy not sadness and if there is one thing I remember the most about this woman, she always seemed to be happy.  Some people might call her blissfully unaware J, but I prefer happy!  The fact is that when she met me, her life changed, and not all for the good because I’ve been told that I was a bit of a handful and I certainly remember causing her pain.  But 37 years ago when I was born, there was a woman who showed me that day (even though I didn’t know it obviously) what the Surpassing Beauty of a Woman is all about.  Her name is Mom.
We lived in an old dilapidated house that was the worst by far in our neighborhood but our home was the most attractive.  The kids came to our house for snacks, even though we were probably the poorest.  My friends liked to hang out at my house and we didn’t have TV, nor did we have nearly as many name brand toys as they did.  Why?  Not because I was a jewel or even my wonderful brothers; no, they came because of the atmosphere created by my Mother.  My kind, compassionate, tender, loving, and joyful Mom.
The second beautiful woman I speak of was more of a kid when I met her, but I can tell you this that I’ve never met a more determined, mature, amazing woman than her.  She was attractive on the outside and has become even more outwardly beautiful through the 16 years that I’ve known her, but it was more than that.  She magnifies the woman in Proverbs 31 in every way as my mother did (although the two have way different personalities J)
Right now she is about a month away from having our second child, and the beauty I see in her has never been more apparent.  I have never been without anything in our 12 years of marriage because of her timeless beauty and the sacrifices she has made.  She became a full time minister’s wife on her 18th birthday; now tell me who in their right mind would do that?  Jennifer Osborn did, and she did it to support and love me and to serve the God she loves. 
Why do I tell you about these two women?  Because if you are reading this you also have been blessed by a beautiful woman, whether she is your mother, sister, friend, or wife, and today is the day for you to recognize her true beauty and tell her about it, as I am doing.  Some of the things I’ve described may bring memories to you and if they do, act upon them and tell them today (instead of waiting for Mother’s day or their b-day, or your anniversary) – how truly beautiful – from the inside out – they are.

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