Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hand in Hand!


Children – God’s great gift to mankind and yet sometimes the most frustrating job in the entire world.  Just when you think they are “getting it”, they start a whole new way of testing your patience. 
The terrible two’s give way to the trying three’s to the first day of school.  Next comes the drama of new friends, pre-teens, teen years, their first effort of driving, homecoming, and prom, just to mention a few.
Just when you think it’s almost over they need financial help for college and advice on when and whom to marry.  Are you depressed yet?  Here’s the truth though, no matter what, there is nothing in this world like the experience of taking your child’s hand when they are excited, nervous, terrified, happy, sad, etc.
It’s like they are saying that no matter what, as long as my hand is in yours its okay.  I trust you daddy, I love you mommy, I won’t always show it, but I want to spend the rest of my life hand in hand with you.
Today and everyday God’s hand is outstretched, reaching out to yours no matter whether you have just enjoyed success or have failed miserably.  He wants you to say to Him, God I’m a mess, I’m a wretch, I’m up and down, inconsistent and at times emotionally unstable but I’m yours and I want nothing more than to walk hand in hand with you all my life.
Written by Lance Osborn for the Parent Commitment Service 2013 at Tyler Street Church of Christ.


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