Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are you medicating on God's Word?

My son (Cade), was practicing quoting Psalm 1 for last Sunday’s service, and when he got to verse 2 he said, and I quote, “But his delight is in the law of the Lord and on this law he medicates day and night”.  Jen and I were laughing to ourselves but trying not to show him as he continued on, but since I’m a preacher I immediately began to think of how I could use this funny story as an illustration. 

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that we do treat God’s Word as we would a bottle of Advil or Aspirin often times.  You typically don’t take medicine until you are sick, and often it only treats the symptoms.  Hmmm sound familiar?  We could go weeks w/o picking up the Holy Scriptures (except of course on Sundays at Church) and then as soon as things begin to fall apart, or we need some special guidance, or we need deliverance, we run to God in prayer, and even venture to pick up His Word and read it.  Oftentimes we use the Bible to treat our symptoms rather than the real problem.

The 1st Psalm clearly says that we are blessed, contented, and happy when we meditate (not medicate) on God’s Word.  Does the Bible help us in time of need? – YES!  Does it help to heal our hearts? – Amen to that – etc., but I submit to you that if that is the only way you are using God’s Spoken Word, you are missing out on huge blessings that are yours to claim as a Christian.

We sometimes associate the word meditate to Eastern religions and maybe even tend to discount it, but I would challenge you to find an older book that talks more about meditation than God’s Written Word.  I have had my thinking challenged recently as to whether I am filling my heart (not just reading) with God’s Word on a consistent basis or not.  I’ve also asked myself if I am consciously and intentionally taking time to meditate on how His Word can impact and change my life, my thinking, my words, my actions, my ability to be a Godly father, and husband, and minister, and friend, and so on.  And so, I pass this challenge on to you.

Would you consider this week how you can begin or improve upon the intentional process of meditating on God’s Word and see how it changes your life?  Then get back to me and let me know, because it is encouraging to hear about others who allow God’s Presence and Scripture to change their lives.
In Christ, Lance

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